Nude Rain Dance Set For Beach

Newcastle Herald

Saturday November 16, 2002

MORE than 1000 people are expected to do their bit for the drought and get their kits off at Samurai Beach in Anna Bay today and dance.

The naked rain dance will be part of the fourth annual Samurai Beach Nude Carnival, which starts at 10am.

The theme for this year's event is Australia ? A Nation of Skinny Dippers.

`It's a fun day, it's a family day,' said Bob Reed, the president of the Free Beach Association of NSW, which is hosting the event.

`If you haven't ever been skinny dipping before, this is a great experience.

`All bodies are acceptable ? tall, short, thin, fat, it doesn't make any difference on a nude beach.'

The rain dance is billed as one of the highlights of the day and organisers hoped to get as many as 1000 people dancing.

Mr Reed believed the reason for the droplets of rain in some parts of the Hunter over the past couple of days might have been attributable to rehearsals.

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